Fall 2022 Seminar Series

The Master of Science in the Health and the Public Interest Seminar Series is a forum in which Georgetown students, faculty, and the general public engage with key leaders in healthcare research, policy, and advocacy. This series is free.

Can We Protect Human Guinea Pigs?

November 16th 2022

Speaker: Nuria Homedes, MD, DrPH

Salud y Fármacos, Executive Director and Research Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty, Georgetown University

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Reproductive Rights in the USA: A Changing Legal Landscape

November 9th 2022

Speaker: Sarah Wetter, JD, MPH

Distinguished Professor of Population and Health, Georgetown University

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The Midlife in the United States Project

October 19th 2022

Speaker: Maxine Weinstein, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor of Population and Health, Georgetown University

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The Uniquely American Epidemic: Guns, Health, & Well-being

October 12th 2022

Speaker: Benjamin Dowd-Arrow Ph.D.

Director of the Bachelor of Public Health Program, Florida State University

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Why Blow the Whistle

October 5th 2022

Speaker: Carl Elliot, MD Ph.D

Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Minnesota

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The Sometimes Misleading Legacy of Thalidomide

September 28th 2022

Speaker: Tony Scialli, MD

Professor Emeritus, George Washington University
Faculty, Health & the Public Interest Program, Georgetown University
Director, Reproductive Toxicology Center

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The Dissonance Between Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

September 21st 2022

Speaker: Nortin Hadlerm, MD

Professor Emeritus Departments of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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The Drug Store in Our Food

September 14th 2022

Speaker: Martha Rosenberg

Freelance Reporter and Writer

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Reframing Aging: A Long-Term Social Change Endeavor

September 7th 2022

Speaker: Pam Saunders

Director, Master of Science in Aging & Health Program, Georgetown University
Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry, Georgetown University

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Addiction & Mental Health Law and Policy

August 31st 2022

Speaker: Shelly Weizman, JD

Acting Director of the Addiction and Public Policy Initiative at the O’Neill Institute for National
Adjunct Professor, Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center

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