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Internships & Careers: Health and the Public Interest Program

Health and the Public Interest Program Internships and Career Information

Graduates of the M.S. in Health and the Public Interest (HAPI) program will be suited for many types of positions and will possess interdisciplinary skill sets that are tangibly different from those graduating with M.P.H., social science or other related degrees since all of those have a substantial part of their curricula and a perspective dictated by their core discipline.

Internships in the M.S. Health and the Public Interest will provide workplace skills, networking contacts, and potential job placements. Graduates of the HAPI program will be trained and positioned for entry or re-entry into further graduate studies in relevant fields (sociology, psychology, anthropology, public policy, medicine, and law) or careers in healthcare-related fields, including healthcare research, consulting, training and advocacy. Potential employers include healthcare consulting firms,  government agencies,  foundations, think tanks, professional associations, public interest groups, research institutions university diversity programs, media,  legislative committees, insurance and managed care companies, pharmaceutical and medical product industry, industry vendors, pharmacy benefit managers, advertising, marketing, and public relations firms. To facilitate placement, the program will maintain a database of potential internships and jobs, foster contact with these sites, and provide career mentoring and letters of recommendation to students who successfully earn the degree.