HAPI Students at the FDA Advisory Committee Meeting

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On September 13, 2019, the Health and Public Interest students at Georgetown University had a strong showing at FDA Peanut Allergy Advisory Committee Meeting. Students were in attendance to learn more about the latest developments in peanut allergy research and to advocate for the public’s interests.

The Health and Public Interest program has a long history of preparing students to be effective public health advocates by emphasizing interdisciplinary, research-based approaches to addressing global healthcare issues. One of the assignments of our Health Advocacy core course is to participate in public advocacy events. Being in Washington D.C. gives students the opportunity to be in on the action and to observe changes at the national level. The opportunity for students to attend the FDA meeting was a valuable one because it gave them the chance to interact with professionals and decision-makers in the field. It also exposed opportunities and challenges facing those attempting to address peanut allergies.

Overall, the HAPI students who attended the FDA Peanut Allergy Advisory Committee Meeting returned to Georgetown University with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to using their education and skills to make a positive impact on the health of communities around the world.